From the concept to the project development

We develop project proposals able to correlate the users and market needs within our customer’s short, medium, long term goals. technical solutions in order to encourage the company know-how, support its economic growth and consolidate its image.

We offer stylistic, ergonomic and technical solutions to stimulate company know-how, promote economic growth and consolidate its image.


Fashion accessories and jewelry design and develop

We offer a professional service about conception and fashion accessories development, small metal part, costume jewelry, by proposing stylistic solutions based on the study of changeable market trends with new stylistic avant-garde.


With a potential material and supplier network research

We handle the product at 360 degrees, helping our customers to the research of potential suppliers and/or developing new manufacturing methodologies working side by side with an expert tech team, supporting the interaction between company and territory.


Presentation and product coordinate image

We take care of everything about the project, providing to a 3D modelling service, realistic digital previews and 3D animations. We develop all that comes with product’s graphic design such as logos, catalogs and presentations.


Product’s packaging design

We extend the care on our project until the develop of the related packaging which we customize according to the product’s image. In doing this, we pay particular attention to the environmental sustainability, material choice and transport’s integrity and optimization.


Consultation and creative direction

We make available to our customers a consultation and art direction service on site. This allows companies to use one of our collaborator’s experience to develop, optimize, take care and add value to their company profile and to the product itself.


Product photo shooting service

We offer a professional product photo shooting for all the customers that want add value to their products in order to promote them at best on web sites, social networks and catalogues. We use ad hoc equipments and softwares with the aim to guarantee the highest quality final result, both for printing and digital use.

We invite you to take a look at our work in order to judge our competences.

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